Super... it's a great word!


Super... duper!

We never hear anyone use the word “super” anymore.

When we ask someone how they are doing, they never say, “I’m doing super!!”  No one ever says, “This Snickers bar is super,” or, “I saw a super movie last night.” 

We don’t know why… we think it is a great word (even if it is a little on the vintage side).   It’s positive, fun to say, and you can make it sound better by adding “duper” at the end... (now Superduper... that is a word and a half). 

We like it so much that we've put it in lights and framed it!

Product specification: 

This design is printed on 250gsm silk art paper for durability and comes framed in a high quality matt black 500 x 297mm ready-to-hang frame.

All orders are printed the week of receipt and dispatched when delivered back from our print partner. You should allow 5-7 days for UK and 10-14 days for international shipping. Prints are shipped in postal tubes and framed prints in bubble wrap and postal boxes. 

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