About us

WallChart.Co began in 2019 with the the ambition of making creative and engaging wall art based on everyday information sources, but also using what people love to do... their hobbies and passions as the topics for our wall art. 
We've designed and created more than 200 different Wall Charts illustrating anything from the 'Gin Brands' to 'What Grows in the Garden', or even 'Movie Motors' to the 'Anatomy of an Anglepoise'. The common link is turning things that we're interested in into great poster art and design work that translates across different ranges. 
Our process is the same each time - we research, we design, and then we create imaginative posters that looks amazing on walls, or on tea towels, coasters or anything else you care to mention.
All our products are made in the UK on sustainable source material that is environmentally sound and great quality. Shop our collections now (our list of categories is on the left), or if you are a retail business interested in stocking our products then get in touch. If you would like a brochure then drop an email to info@wallchart.co