Buying our products on a wholesale basis

We are a growing brand and want great retail partners across the UK and the world beyond. We would love you to join us, so don't hesitate to get in touch. 

We sell posters (A2 Large and 30cm x 40cm Small), coasters (individually) and cotton tea towels (68cm x 45cm) on a wholesale basis for retail. Please contact us for a wholesale price list at:

WallChart Branded Packaging (posters)

Delivering products to you in great quality is an absolute priority for

Our packing tubes for our poster products are robust triangular cardboard (no plastic) 100% recyclable and sourced sustainably. We individually hand wrap all A2 prints in acid-free paper and place into tubes for shipping and in preparation for your product display. Each tube will carry our branded WallChart.Co stamp, plus an individual design label for easy reference. All products are barcoded for each stock control. 


WallChart Branded Display

On orders of £250 or more we also ship a branded crate for display and storage. Every design order of 5 or more will also receive a free display print of that design. This comes in cello wrap and board backed for display durability. It is up to you how you wish to display this product.  


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All our designs are copyright protected and registered with 'protect our work'. We will rigorously defend the copyright on our work.